Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection For Full Hands

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Mehndi (Henna) employed for celebrations, parties, events of Eid, special occasions, and especially on wedding ceremonies. Girls decorate their hands and feet with the pattern of Henna. Bridal mehndi designs for full hands leaves all over the night; the colour may appear darkest on the hands and feet due to the higher levels of keratin in the skin.

The red-orange dye molecule and lawsone with protein are very healthy for dye-ing skin, fingernails, and hairs. The leaves of the Henna tree are dried first and then grounded in the form of powder. Then you can make the paste of Mehndi powder with the help of water, rose water or with many other techniques and apply it on your skin or hairs.

Women of all ages love Henna, especially on festive occasions. Mostly girls use Henna on hands in the evening and leave it on sides for the whole night. Depending on time, the henna colour will appear darker. The design continues to become darker, for approximately three to four days and then fades away.

New Bridal Mehendi Design

Bridal Mehndi Designs Demand in West

Henna is very trendy in Western culture as well. Even a London-based Henna artist, “Shakiba,” claims that Bridal Mehndi designs for full hands are not a trend in the Middle East; it’s also getting recognition in the UK. Shakiba said that tourists from all over the world come to my shop to get Henna tattoos. Bridal Mehndi designs are liked by them. It has (Henna) become the alternative quickly. It is safe, painlessly applied, and produced striking images temporarily.

People who do not want something permanent use Henna for stunning tattoos briefly. Henna is part of our culture and heritage. Five thousand years ago Egyptians used it for decorating themselves. The influence of Henna is spreading from centuries and known from northern Africa to Indonesia. Mehndi is not a permanent form of skin decoration. That also known as Henna in Pakistan and India. It is most popular in the Middle East, South Asia, Somaliland and North Africa.

Full hand Bridal henna


Hina pattern

Same Pattern Bridal Mehndi Designs

Mehndi usually applied to the interior and the posterior side of the hands. Everyone has their own choice. Women mostly choose a design according to the taste. But there are many types of the bridal mehndi sketch you can apply on fingers, palm or on the arms too. The filled finger design is very demanded.

Mostly girls like the net of winding petals. These petals, applied by the artist nicely on the posterior of the hand, looks so refined. They completed with the design of squares or check-board on the fingers. Some ornamental and beautiful designs, applied on wrists, connecting with a beads-like design on the fingers will make you speechless. You can follow different formats of Henna, shown in this context.

bridal mehndi art and tattoo

Glitter Bridal Mehndi Designs

You can apply glitter bridal mehndi designs on the back of your hands because sparkles help you to make the mehndi more exclusive. You can match the glitter with your dress colour or combination. It will enhance the grace of your dress and mehndi design.

glitter mehndi for full hand

beautiful mehndi designs for full handBlack Bridal Henna Designs

Black Bridal mehndi designs for full hands are very much in demand. If you love the black Asian and Arabic Mehndi design, you can select the combination of both for the unique look of your hands. The thin ornamental net of mehndi design is more attractive and beautiful with the chain of beads on your fingers. Bridals likes black, luxurious and refined Mehndi designs.

black bridal mehndi design

Simple & Easy Henna Design for Brides

Some brides like simple designs with Floral mehndi on the fullback of the hands and wrists. Bride’s cover their wrists with the trendy bangles of floral design Mehndi, for getting popularity among the girls. We can see the lower picture and guess the beauty of full hand design. It gives a stunning look.

bail mehndi designs for bride

heart mehndi designs for bride

Traditional Bridal Mehndi Designs

Conventional mehndi designs with the reflection of the Bride and groom making your wedding mehndi design more beautiful. Such a pattern is enough for giving the feeling of bridal mehndi. Dancing Bride and groom is a sign of happiness and pleasure. Traditional designs looking beautiful and make you superior from others.

Traditional Mehndi Designs are full hand pattern as compared to the Arabic designs because there is more filling in these designs. Conventional mehndi designs mostly include motifs that are leafy, intricate, floral, dotted and then they all are filling gaps in between. It can be more or simplified designed, as well. The circular pattern is the essence of mehndi design. Even though that design is simple, but brides also go with it because it looks classic and traditional. 

king queen bridal mehndi design bride and groom mehndi design for bridesTraditional mehndi design for bridals

Full Hand Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs

Arabic design is the most favourite design by the girls and woman. That was mostly used in Arabic countries but now famous in Asia. It dominated with floral artwork, leafy motifs, free-flowing and paisleys diagonal trails. That applied with bolder strokes, and prominent pattern compares to other mehndi design. Space is the style of this pattern.

Arabic mehndi contain different patterns like paisleys, Sheer elegance with lotus motifs, An intricate trailed design, The dual magic, and Daisy trail on the backhand. Others are Sheer elegance, Oh so minimal, Leafy trails and intricate patterns on fingers, Gorgeous yet Simple Arabic Mehendi design, An Arabic anklet tattoo and many more.

The Bridal mehndi designs for full hands Like Arabic design, with the touch of floral design, is an ideal choice for a modern look. That design covers your hand completely. The combination of floral and Arabic mehndi design gives a modern, bold, and beautiful look. The girls who don’t like full hand design also love Arabic Henna. Attractive designs divert the attention of other people towards the Bride.

Arabic bridal mehndi designs

Pakistani & Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs

Traditional weddings in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh can be lengthy and filled with many pre-wedding functions. The event of Henna held before the Barat in Pakistan and India. Brides and other women who come to take part in the ceremony, mostly like to apply the Henna on their hands.

The Bride typically has the most complex pattern of Henna to show great happiness and joy. The families of the Bride thinks that the darker colour Henna design is the result of their loving mother in law. It is also a sign of a happily married couple.

Attrective bridal mehndi designsAttrective full hand bridal mehndi

Bridal Mehndi Designs Gallery

If you want to test the design first, then draw the draft with the marker or pen on your hand. That can be easy for you to erase any mistake in your design. It protects you from later trouble. For the rough sketch, you can choose any colour of the pen, but if you want to see the design same as Henna, then you can use a brown colour marker. Brides and other girls and women can pick their favourite colour and pattern for a better outcome. Check the gallery below for different mehndi designs and ideas and make the design of your choice for your special day.

floral bridal mehndi designbridal mehndi design for hand and feet

Full hand bridal mehndi designsjal pattern bridal mehndi design for handssimple and easy bridal mehndi design

Bridals mostly like the full hand designs for expressing happiness. Many bridal designs for full hands are available here for your help. You can choose the pattern and implement it on your hands for your big day. Decorate your day according to happiness. Cheers! 🙂