Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs for 2024 with Step by Step Instructions

Beautiful Christmas nail art designs and ideas

Christmas is a religious and traditional event. The date of the occasion is the 25th of December. Christmas nail art designs are in trend among women in this event. People celebrate this event with enthusiasm and happiness, as well. It also marks the beginning of the new year. People do a lot of preparations and celebrations on this day.

The trend of nail styling is snowballing among women. Moreover, women like to have unique and beautiful patterns. These patterns are decorated according to the specific event as well. On Christmas, these styles are usually designed to synchronize with the day. The Christmas trees and Santa Claus are more common.

Skills and expertise in making these designs are also required. Other enhancements like glitters also enhance the charm of these arts. Moreover, these designs have different colors. Colors and unique drawings furnish them with a ravishing look as well. Mostly, kids prefer to draw their favorite cartoon characters.

Nail art for christmas

12 Cute Christmas Nail Art Designs and Ideas with Detailed Steps

The event of Christmas always comes in harsh winters. Furthermore, various designs are also inspired by the weather. For instance, snowman and frozen inspired arts are in trend on this occasion. Accessories like glitters and bling are also used for decorations. Moreover, popular ideas include stars and ribbons. A combination of numerous colors also plays a role in enhancing this idea.

Essential Tools for Nail Styling

  • Stripping Tape
  • Dotting Tool
  • Manicure Tool
  • Nail pattern brush
  • Glitters
  • Stickers
  • Nail polishes
  • Topcoat
  • Blings

Christmas tree nail art

1- Christmas Tree Patterns for Nails

The Christmas tree also holds religious and traditional importance. Moreover, women also prefer to have it on their nails.  Furthermore, there is also an option of drawing them.  Various colors are used for decoration in this nail art. They look so mesmerizing and also enhance the beauty of the event.


  • First of all, apply the light-colored polishes as a base.
  • With a little bit of practice, one can quickly draw trees with the tools.
  • Attach various stickers of the Christmas tree with the help of the glue.
  • Apply base coat at the end to secure everything in place.

Nail art design of christmas tree

Stylish christmas tree nail art design

2- Nail Art Designs of Santa Claus on Christmas

Drawing Santa Claus on the occasion of Christmas is a good idea. Furthermore, two colors are mainly used in this decoration, for instance, red and white. Red is used to draw the cap of Santa. Santa Claus is the favorite character of all children. It is the reason most of the children also prefer to draw this pattern on the festival.


  • Apply a nude base coat on all fingers.
  • Draw cap of Santa with red nail paint.
  • Now, draw the features of Santa with the help of a brush in black and white.
  • For extra effect, add pink glitter on the nose of the Santa.

Beautiful Santa claus nail art

Santa claus nail art design

3- Beautifully Styled Snow Flakes

The event of Christmas is the time of the snowfall as well. Furthermore, women also like to have snowflakes as a design. In the following images, the base colors are red and green. It represents a beautiful pattern at the event. Also, check out the easy nail art designs for girls.


  • Apply green or red glitter nail polish as a base.
  • Design snowflakes with white color.
  • Apply a top coat for a shiny finish.

Snow flakes nail art in red

Christmas snow flake art

4- Frozen Inspired Nail Designs

Frozen is everyone’s favorite animation movie. Furthermore, its characters are also the right choice for designing.  You can create many cute nail arts with this theme in mind.


  • Make the base with the blue shade.
  • After that, draw the snowflakes with the art brush, in white color.
  • You can make them on two to three fingers as well.
  • After that, take the stickers of characters and attach them to the nail with the help of a glue.
  • There is also an option of applying the blue shade on all fingers and attach the stickers of the film characters as well.
  • Apply silver glitter paint on one of the fingers. It will provide a snowy effect as well.

Frozen nail art ideas

tylish Frozen nail art for christmas

5- Snowman Nail Art Trends

Most of the women go for snowman design because it is amusing and easy to recreate. It adds to the charm and joy to the Christmas eve.


  • Paint three fingers with the red and silver glitter on the edges.
  • Also, take the black color and with the help of an art brush draw cap of the snowman.
  • Use the dotting tool for the rest of the features.
  • Make the white dots all over it with a nail art tool.
  • Draw a snowman with the help of a manicure tool, which is easily accessible in the market.

snowman nail art

snowman nail art style

6- Penguin and Bear Ideas for Christmas

Drawing the shape of polar animals is also a fantastic option. Moreover, you can also attach their stickers with glue for ease. For penguin, the color which is needed is black and orange. Furthermore,  the brown color is sufficient for the bear.


  • Take art brush and apply nail paints of different colors on all fingers.
  • Use the brush with white nail polish for making a bear or penguin.
  • In it, white can be used for making the snowflakes as well.
  • Also, use the red one for the scarf.

Winter nail art designs are also very trendy and unique. Try them too.

Penguin style for event

Stylish new idea for festival

7- Cute Designs of Nail Art for Christmas

Another way of decorating your nails is to have five different designs on them. Furthermore, You can also use many cute and vibrant colors in the art.


  • Take white paint and use it as a base.
  • Also, draw Santa Claus with red polish.
  • Then also draw the ribbons with the pink one.
  • Likewise, make the tree and create colorful fruits in it.
  • Furthermore, use a penguin sticker for the second nail.
  • Also, use the stripping tape and green nail paint for the third nail.
  • Use the golden glitter for the last one and make the oblique lines with it.

Five different nail art

Five beautiful nail art for

8- Bling Nail Art Design for Christmas

Attaching the pearls and bling also enhances the beauty of the art on nails. Furthermore, it is a very complex and complicated design, but it is worth trying for once.


  • Apply the green and pink glitter nail polish to your nails.
  • After that, also select the pearls of your choice.
  • Attach them on nails with glue as well.
  • For the second one, take the pointed artificial nails.
  • Also, attach the colorful beads with the help of glue.

Bling nails for christmas

Bling stylish nail art for christmas

9- Ribbon Themed Designs

Sometimes, women go for a simple design. Making the ribbon designs with a bow looks quite stylish. Also, it is effortless to make, as well.


  • Apply the red glitter nail paint on your hand.
  • For the design, take a white color.
  • Likewise, draw the ribbon by making the two vertical and two horizontal lines with a brush.
  • Add the colorful glitter in between as well.

Ribbon theme idea

Stylish bow style

10- Colorful Charismatic Nail Design

The event of Christmas demands cute and colorful art on the nails. These patterns are quite attractive and versatile. You can pair this nail art with every color dress, and glitter nail paint can also be added to create a glittery effect.


  • Apply different colored nail paints on all fingers.
  • After that, draw various shapes with manicure tools, in white.
  • Attach the different pearls with the glue to enhance its charm.
  • In the next design, red and green colors are mainly applied.
  • Again, white paint is used for little details.

Colorful styles for the festival

stylish colorful patterns

11- Nail Style with Pointed Ends

While making nail art, you can also use artificial nails of various shapes. Furthermore, the following fingernails have sharp edges that look very sassy and modern. Crystals can also be added on the nails for an extravagant vibe.


  • Fix the white pearls with it with the help of glue.
  • Moreover, make the oblique line with red and green color.
  • Use a nail art brush and striped tape for making them.
  • Also, apply them separately for furnishing a unique look on some nails.

Styles with sharp edges

Pointed nail art for christmas event

12- Glittery Christmas Nail Art Designs

The festivals demand glittery designs and decorations. Furthermore, the glitter looks more prominent in light colors, so always go for pastels or nudes. Moreover, dark green and pure red is demonstrating a beautiful design in the image below.


  • Apply base in a white or nude shade.
  • Make the oblique lines with them on the first nail or randomly add sparkles.
  • You can also mix both of them on the other finger.
  • Make a Christmas tree on the finger of your choice.
  • Also, attach the golden pearl on top of it as well.
  • Then also apply the colorful glitter on the nails with the help of the brush.

Colorful glitter festive nail art

Beautiful glitter nail art for christmas

All of the styles and ideas for nail styling are so unique. Furthermore, they resonate with the event of Christmas. Women are fond of colorful nail polishes. Moreover, they can do enhancements of nails with this variety of ideas and patterns. Nails can also be shaped with pointed or broad edges. There is no restriction on their length. Styling of both long and short nails is possible.