30 Superb Black Mehndi Designs for Hands and Feet with Pictures


Mehndi is an integral part of eastern culture, although now it is also a trend in the west. The application of it on hands has the history which goes back to the hundred years ago. Even now, on various occasions like marriages, parties, and eid, women of all ages like to have henna on their hands. Here we have amazing Black Mehndi designs for every occasion.

Mehndi, with the black color, looks very attractive. Different ingredients added in the mixture, make it darker. It is prevalent among the girls because it enhances the beauty of their hands by providing the vibrant black color to them.

Applying the henna is an art. Sometimes it gets challenging to find new and different henna patterns. So, these are unique and innovative patterns. They also demonstrate the popularity of the designs according to the regions of the world.

new styles of henna

Unique patterns for hand

Latest and Classy Black Mehndi Designs Image Gallery

Black henna has always been in trend, and that is why people are trying new and different ways of applying it. Various patterns are pervasive, like floral mehndi and Peacock mehndi, etc. Let’s take a look at the new designs mentioned in this article.

innovative black mehndi design

Classy henna pattern

classic new patterns

  • Unique Arabic Black Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs hold a variety of ideas like drawing an elephant, floral, paisley, etc. Elephant patterns are mainly made for the brides. For the girls, the style which is mostly in trend is the swirls. Crafted cut styles are usually made on the fingers for making them more prominent and beautiful. Furthermore, the pink finger lace and the styled ring patterns are also popular.

New arabic black mehndi designs

arabic black mehndi designs

  • Beautiful Floral Henna Designs for Hands

Different floral patterns in black mehndi are being made regularly. Females make them on both the front and back of the hands. The latest styles which are in trend these days include drawing flowers on the end of the hands. It is also in pattern to make the ornaments on the wrist and then connect them with hands and fingers through the beads.

Fingers are not being filled much lately. Applying glitter at the end also enhances and doubles the beauty. Women who do not like dense patterns can also go for simple and easy mehndi designs.

Beautiful new styles for hands

unique henna patterns

  • Various Charming Henna Ideas for Feet

Feet mehndi designs include the chain styles, floral net, leaves chain, and dotted beads. It is suggested that you wear open shoes after applying the layout on your feet because it will make your feet noticeable and classy. Feet patterns include the chain styles at the ankle area because it seems like you are wearing the anklet, around the ankles.

black mehndi designs for feet

feet black mehndi new designs

  • Bail Variety of Styles with Black Mehndi

Bail styles have always been in trend, and many women go for them. They are usually applied to the back of the hands and on the feet. Bail patterns on hands start from one finger and run back towards the wrist. They give the stunning aesthetic wedding mehndi look to your hands.

bail black mehndi designs

bail mehndi designs for hands

  • Dark Mehndi Designs for Fingers

A lot of females like to apply black henna on their fingers as well. It is used to make ring styles on the fingers. After the mid-finger rings, the trend of finger mehndi patterns has become very popular. These ring styles start from the fingers and then end up to the wrist. These styles decorate the fingers and enhance their beauty as well.

beautifull black mehndi finger designs

new finger black mehndi designs

  • Simple Henna Ideas for Kids

Kids are also fond of the mehndi, but as most of the kids are pretty impatient, so it is best to make the simple patterns on their hands. The most common kids mehndi includes the Tikki or the circular motifs on the front or back of the hands. A simple bail pattern extending from finger to the wrist is also best to make for the kids. 

kids new black mehndi designs

kids black mehndi designs

  • Stylish and New Bridal Mehndi

Brides prefer to have black bridal mehndi designs because the beauty of the layout increases with black color. These styles could be the dense floral and bail patterns that lead to the arms and the legs. One of the traditions of Asia includes the hiding of the grooms’ names in these styles. Different glitters and jewels are also added to the layouts for making them more decorated and fancy. It makes the event more memorable and enjoyable.

new bridal black mehndi designs

briald black mehndi designs

  • Indian Traditional and Contemporary Mehndi Styles

India is the hub of the styles in regards to henna. As India has many states, each area depicts its culture and tradition through its ideas. For instance, the prince and princess are drawn in the maharani patterns. Other than that, peacock black henna designs are equally popular. Mandala mehndi designs are trendy in the parts of India. Indian mehndi designs are also stylish and fashionable all around the globe.

maharani black mehndi designs

indian new black mehndi designs

indian black mehndi designs

  • Pakistan’s Mehndi Culture

Mehndi has always been part of Pakistan’s culture and traditions. The most common black henna designs are motifs and floral patterns. Heart and leaves mehndi patterns are also in trend mostly among young girls. In the casual routine, the most commonly made designs include the curvy styles with different shading as they give a unique appearance to the hands.

All the events of Pakistan’s culture like Eid, marriages, parties are incomplete without mehndi. The following images also show the beauty of the Pakistani mehndi designs made by the girls enthusiastically.

black mehndi designs in pakistan

New black mehndi designs in pakistan

  • Easy Turkish Black Mehndi Designs

Turkish culture holds an immense liking towards the application of mehndi. The most popular Turkish mehndi design with the black henna includes delicate patterns. Moreover, motifs, floral shapes, spirals, and petal patterns are also added. Turkish girls like to decorate their hands and feet with beautiful styles on occasions like the Eid, weddings, and parties.

Pretty Turkish henna

new turkey mehndi designs

Tips for Darkening Your Henna Color

There are various ways to darken the color of your henna. By following these tips, one can quickly get the desired results:

  • Usually, women do not bother to wash their hands before applying it. So, washing hands before applying it delivers positive results.
  • Covering your design with some plastic sheet also aids in attaining the dark henna color.
  • Applying Vicks to your hands also darkens the color and makes it more beautiful.
  • Using the henna for a long time also helps you in getting the results of the dark color. Washing your hands early after the application results in the light intensity.
  • Applying the eucalyptus oil to your henna also adds glow and makes your patterns more vibrant.
  • Using the sugar and the lemon water can also help you in darkening the color of your henna.
  • The smoke of the cloves also increases the color of your henna. You can expose your hands to the smoke till you can bear it, and after that, you can notice the difference yourself.

beautiful new styles

Vibrant new patterns

Various patterns of henna are being formed worldwide. These layouts are trendy among women, and they give a lovely look to the hands and feet. The above-displayed designs are helpful for women to get pretty henna designs on every event and occasion. Let us know in the comment section below about your opinion towards our collection.