How To Dye Your Hair At Home By Yourself [Hair Coloring Tips & Tricks]

Dye Your Hair At Home tips and tricks

In a busy and occupied life schedule, not every person has sufficient opportunity to visit the salon. Need to change your hair shading all alone? Yes! Presently, you can do your hair color by own at home without any problem. So, read this blog and know how to dye your hair at home like a pro, I am going to disclose a few hacks and tips which will help you.

You probably won’t be a specialist to color your hairs, yet you realize you are heading off to a specialist when you adhere to my guidance, which is given beneath. Initially, all you have to pick the correct shading from your favorite image shading, you will get noteworthy outcomes.

Here a couple of tips and tricks that will assist you with getting salon-like results at home. It’s essential to recall that while shading your hair at home can set aside your cash, likewise devour your time. For the most part, around 60 mins to an hour and a half, you can do this.

dye your hair at home like a pro

How To Dye Your Hair At Home Like A Pro (Steps)

1- Choose Your Color Wisely

You can easily dye your hair at home by yourself. The initial phase in your at-home shading venture is purchasing the correct shading conceal discoloration. Instead of hitting up Amazon and ordering online, prefer to buy color shading all alone to get you to your fantasy hide.

Choose your color wisely for dye at home

You can pick any brand shading which you like, the top most organization which is for the most part utilized are:

  • Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Hair Color
  • L’Oréal Paris Hair Color
  • Wella Charm Permanent Hair Color
  • Clairol Root Touch-Up Kit

2- Prep Your Hairs

Shading works best with dirty hair, so coloring your hair following 24 to 48 hours, so your last wash is generally subtle. That way, shading remains on the strands and infiltrates better for increasingly unsurprising outcomes. Never give the shading a shot on newly washed hair because it will never give you the ideal result as you need and want. Wash your hair with best anti-hair fall shampoo, 12 hours before application of hair dye.

prep your hair before applying dye

Brush your hairs thoroughly, so the entirety of your hairs are isolated, and you can without much of a stretch make the section for rapid dye. Always remember to wear your old shirts so your new shirts will not get destroyed because when you apply the shading color at some point, it tumbles down.

3- Gather Tools

Keep the entirety of your procedure instruments prepared, so you don’t need to sit around idly. Never avoid any item for getting a legitimate outcome on the off chance that you need. Here are the accompanying things you need to color your hair at home: 

  • Box of Hair Color: Purchase any brand color shading for dying your hair. If you have knee-length and longer hairs, at that point, attempt to buy two boxes, so you can color your strands all entirely. 

garneir box of hair colour

  • Plastic Gloves: Gloves usually come along with the color, if not, at that point, get it for your self. On the off chance that you will spare your hands so that the shading won’t pulverize your hands.

used plastic gloves for dye your hairs

  • Comb: Get any sort of brush from your neighborhood store that will assist with applying hair shading accurately and in a viable manner.
  • Dye Brush: The color brush will help with using hair color appropriately; it is without a doubt attached to the hair color box. So, you don’t have to get yourself. 

gathers tools for hair colour

  • Conditioner: If perishing your hair at home or anyplace, always remember to apply the conditioner on it. Since it gives a smooth outcome and will assist with remaining your shading last more, likewise, include sparkle and shimmer in your hair.

4- Prepare Dye Color

  • For blending your hair hues all, you have to get a glass or plastic bowl; recall doesn’t utilize a metal bowl for mixing the color.
  • Put on any plastic gloves as this will shield your skin from the synthetic compounds. It will likewise assist with keeping your skin from getting recolored by the color.
  • Follow the right proportion, which is pivotal for your hair to be colored appropriately. Peruse the note that is referenced on the color box and follow the ratio which they provide for setting up your shading.
  • Combine these with the plastic fork until it is mixed accurately.

prep dye colour in a bowl

5- Test!!

At the point, when your paste is prepared, never legitimately apply it to your hair. It lets you know precisely how the hair color looks on your hair. Simply take a half-inch segment of hair that is not ordinarily obvious – apply on the spot and hold up the measure of time endorsed on the container. At that point, wash it off in cold water.

apply the colour on hairs as a test

Do you like the shading? Are the outcomes excessively fulfilled? In case you’re content with the test process, at that point, undoubtfully apply into your hair and make the most of your new hair color shading and make your exhausting life increasingly beautiful and happy.

6- Apply the Color

One of the fundamental suggestions is to apply shading into your hair by following steps that are referenced underneath.

  • Section

Firstly, separate the hairs into two parts, the upper layer and base layer of the hair separated. This is the critical point that every one of your hair will be dyed. The area makes work simpler so you can without much of a stretch apply it to the entirety of your hairs.

dividing your hair into different parts

  • Start at the top

Presently, load up your color brush and start there. Start it from the highest point of your hair. One of the primary purposes of applying color is to apply it from start to finish, not base to top. Firstly, apply color to the visible hairs, then use it on the bottom.

Use the comb with it, so no one remains uncolored. Now continue to do these steps until all of your sections correctly colored. At the point, when you are done, dye color will be intense for around an hour and a half after it’s blended, so you don’t have to rush the procedure. Check the time that is referenced on the box and leave your hairs for a particular time and holds up until your time is finished.

how you can dye your hair at home easily

  • Look into two mirrors

When you apply color by yourself, then look into the two mirrors I mean, take two mirror one put into your front and other in your back, so you can quickly look back without a turn. This is because you will apply color effectively with no trouble.

apply hair dye by your own

  • Highlight hair with a toothbrush

If you need to apply a few highlights, at that point, you can likewise do it all alone. For this, you need an old toothbrush. What’s more, stacked it with the color paste, presently move the brush into your hairs where you need to apply highlight. It’s one of the best and easy tricks to use highlight at your home on your own.

7- Add Heat

On the off chance that you have thick hairs and you’re going to color them, then including some heat can help to improve color infiltration for better outcomes. The best item for warming your strands is the hairdryer that every girl ought to have. They center the warmth around roots. When you are done to apply your hair color appropriately, at that point, typically do this during the last 5 or 10 minutes. As we all know, excessive heat is very harmful for our hairs so, you can use Aloe hair masks for silky, smooth, and strong hairs.

add heat to your hairs

8- Rinsed Off

When your timer goes off, wash your hairs effectively, don’t utilize shampoo, simply rinse with water at first. At the point, when you do shampoo your hairs, ensure it’s sans sulfate because sulfate causes your hairs shaft to expand and urge the shading to drain out. After the application of dye, always use effective hair oil twice a week for reducing the damage caused by chemicals in the hair color.

wash your hair with fresh water

9- Use Any Conditioner

On the off chance that you skip the conditioner step, it leaves the talon skin open. So, your last and advanced level is to utilize conditioner after washing your hair. Color boost works on common or shading treated hairs for making them progressively firm and plush.

Use Any Conditioner after washing

Presently, dye your hair at a home look is ready!!!! 😉

dye your hair at home easily

The majority of the individuals state that doing hair shading is hard. Yet, it’s off-base. By only some practice and unobtrusive alterations, you can color your ideal hairs as you wanted. All you have to adhere to the accompanying guidelines that are referenced above and get your necessary shade by setting aside your cash and time. Likewise, share your involvement in us in the remark segment. Do you dye your hair at home? What are your best tips for flawless outcomes?