15 Modest Hijab Styles with Jackets | How to Style Hijab with Jacket

15 Modest Hijab Styles with Jackets

Hijab is part of the dress code of every Muslim woman. Muslim women prefer to wear it for covering their heads as well. In the past, it was more trendy with the abayas. With the advancement in time, women have also started to do the hijab with the western dresses. Furthermore, in this article, we will show the various hijab styles with jackets.

There are various styles and designs of jackets. You also need to adopt the different ways of doing headscarves along with these jackets. The styles have no age limit, and it looks equally graceful on women of all ages. However, we have ideas, which are perfect for all of the women.

Furthermore, you can have these different styles in both casual and formal routines. Also, some women prefer to wrap the scarf over the head simply. Other than that, you can also use various accessories or pins for holding the headscarf in place. Moreover, the selection of its color and designs also vary from person to person.

hijab with belt

15 Best Styling Ideas to Wear Hijab with Jackets

In the season of autumn and winter, women wear stylish jackets. Moreover, the grace of the jackets enhances with the perfect styling of the headscarf. It also looks quite graceful with the jackets.

Women are always looking for trendy hijab wrapping ideas with jackets. Here, we will tell you the numerous ways of doing the headscarf, along with the jackets. You can easily do them with little practice and enhance your outlook as well. So, let’s get started and explore trendy styles here with us in this blog.

classic hijab style with jacket

15- Headscarf in Muffler Style

There are numerous ways of doing a Hijab. Furthermore, in this style, you will get the look which is best to have in the everyday routine. This design will provide you ultimate comfort and make sure you have a blissful day.

How to Style?

  • Take a scarf and also wrap it over the head.
  • Take the right border of the headscarf, wrap it around the neck and then also leave it at the front of the right side.
  • Secure with hijab pins.

hijab in muffler style

14- Wrapping Scarf in a Cap Style

Cap style gives such a stylish outlook to the face. Furthermore, you only focus on covering your head, with this kind of design. This can also be used as a casual hijab with jeans.

How to Style?

  • Take a hijab and also wrap it around the head.
  • Start from the front of the head and keep wrapping it till the backside as well.
  • In the end, also fix it with the help of the pins.

cap style hijab with jacket

13- Kurdish Hijab Styles with Jackets

Kurdish wrap is quite popular among women. Other than Kurdish, Turkish hijab styles are also getting popular among women. Moreover, this is also the best option to make at formal events and it gives such a fancy look.

How to Style?

  • Take a headscarf and also fully wrap it around your head.
  • After covering the whole area of the head, you need to leave one side on the front as well.

kurdish hijab

12- Front Hijab Styles with the Jackets

Wearing a jacket gives such a fancy and formal look to the women. Furthermore, along with the jacket, you can carry this classy form of a scarf.

How to Style?

  • Take a headscarf and wrap it along the face.
  • Secure with pins.
  • After that, leave the part of the cloth at the front as well.

classy hijab with bomber jacket

11- Multi-Layered Hijab Styles with Long Jackets

Some girls prefer to do the hijab in the multi-layered style. Furthermore, in this style, one gets such a graceful appearance. Also, it seems tricky, but in reality, it is effortless to make.

How to Style?

  • Take a scarf and place it horizontally on the head.
  • Take the one end and start wrapping it over the head as well.
  • After completing the one round, you need to start the next round slightly lower than the previous one, so it will form layers.

hijab with jackets

10- Turban Hijab for a Stylish Appearance

Girls mostly wear this turban-style scarf for a formal gathering. This unique hijab style gives such a fancy outlook to your personality. Moreover, this is not only a bit tricky to make but also looks very stylish.

How to Style?

  • Cover your head with the hijab cap.
  • After that, take the stylish hijab and wrap it over the head in the turban style.
  • You also have to move the hijab in different directions and form layers for getting a turban-like appearance.

turban hijab

09- Casual Wear Hijab in Dupatta Style

Most of the time, women prefer to do hijab, even while in the everyday routine. This style is also a good option in your simple daily routine.

How to Style?

  • For this style, you have to take a woolen headscarf.
  • Wrap it over the head, and then also wrap it over the shoulder.

loose hijab

08- Classy Hijab Styles with Flared Denim Jackets

If you are looking for a stylish yet classical way of doing a headscarf, then this one is for you. Furthermore, a denim flared jacket is the perfect choice for women.

How to Style?

  • For this style, keep the border of the hijab at the back.
  • After wrapping a few rounds around the head, fix the border at the back of the head as well.

stylish and latest hijab style

07- Hijab with the Band Style

Women look quite classy with this hijab. Furthermore, if you want to have a bit different and elegant design, then this one is the best option for you.

How to Style?

  • In this style, you have to make the rounds like any other style.
  • Moreover, in the end, also finish this style by making the floral knot at the center.
  • Secure all the fabric with hijab pins so that it stays in place all day long.

stylish hijab with floral front

06- Simple Scarf Style with Leather Jacket

Sometimes, women like to have a simple scarf. Moreover, they do not want to put in enough effort while doing it. Following design is also the right choice for getting a simple look.

How to Style?

  • You just have to take the scarf and cover your head with it.
  • Fix the sides of the hijab on both sides, just like you do while wrapping the scarf.
  • Adjust the corners of the scarf in your jacket and you are ready to

flat head hijab with jacket

11- Funky Colorful Hijab for University Going Girls

University-going girls prefer to do the funky yet stylish hijabs. Furthermore, they also look for modern and classy scarf styles, which can go well with their daily casual routine. You can also combine this style with the front open abaya designs.

How to Style?

  • Make a high bun in your hair.
  • After that, take the colorful head scarf and wrap it over the head.
  • Fix it on the side of the head with the pin as well.

funky hijab with jacket

12- Hijab with Inner Bun

If you want to have the scarf with the high bun style then, go ahead with this style. Moreover, by following the following steps, you can easily do that.

How to Style?

  • You have to wear the artificial bun over your head for covering your head. It also increases the volume of the hijab.
  • Then take a shawl and cover your head and bun with it.

hijab with bun

13- Loose Hijab Style with Knot

If you do not want to have a tight headscarf around your face, then you should go for the loose style. Also, this one is relatively easy to make. Moreover, you can have it the whole day and also it gives you quite a casual appearance.

How to Style?

  • Take a scarf and while keeping it loose, make layers around the face.
  • You can also make a knot on one side for adding a stylish touch to your outlook.

classy and stylish hijab styles with jackets

14- Teen Scarf Idea with Denim Jacket

Hijab has become equally popular among teens. Furthermore, in the daily routine of the university, they wear a denim jacket. Also, they look for various ideas for complementing their jackets. Following the idea is the right choice for their daily routine.

How to Style?

  • Take a woolen scarf and cover your head with it.
  • After wrapping it around, keep more length at one side. This gives quite a stylish yet traditional appearance.

stylish hijab styles with jeans jackets

15- Wide Hijab Styles for the Girls with Jackets

A denim jacket is widely used among girls. Furthermore, for the women who like to wear a jacket and also prefer to do the scarf with it, the following idea is trustworthy.

How to Style?

  • Just take the scarf and before covering your head with it, keep it wide open at the front.
  • After that move it around the head and cover your back and another side, while also keeping it open.

hijab in dupatta styles with jackets

Some More Trendy Hijab Styles for Women with Jackets

The headscarf is the most popular style among Muslim women. Furthermore, women around the world use headscarf along with jackets. You can also get an idea about the various ways of doing head covering from the following images. All of these styles will give you an idea about how to carry them with different designs of jackets.

hijab for office use with jacket

fully covered hijab styles with jackets

stylish red hijab styles with jackets

loose hjab with cap

winter hijab styles with jackets

Women and all of the teen girls possess a fondness for the jackets. So, they look for hijab styles as well, which can complement their jackets really well. So, this article is giving you numerous ideas about stylish scarves with jackets. Furthermore, you may select the style according to your desire.