11 Healthy Ways to Reduce Eye Bags – How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Ways to reduce the eye puffiness

With aging, the muscles under the eyes get weaken. Furthermore, these muscles lose their elasticity. Also, fat accumulates under the eyes. The fluid accumulation also causes the formation of the bulging at this part as well. The area under the eyes develops swelling and puffiness. There are easy ways to reduce eye bags, which can be followed by everybody.

Moreover, various other factors are also responsible for causing the swelling under the eyes. These include smoking, lack of sleep, and genes as well. Eye bags appear like swelling under the eye. Also, this condition of eyes accompanies the appearance of dark circles. Eyes also look dull and tired because of this.

Furthermore, natural ways and guidelines help to manage eye puffiness. Following a little change in your daily habits also helps you in reducing the puffiness. These self-help methods involve taking vitamin-rich food. Following the excellent time table of sleep also helps a lot in managing them. These healthy habits help you in getting rid of your dark circles as well.

Eye puffiness

11 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Eye Bags/Puffiness

Eye bags make eyes look exhausting and tired. Furthermore, the swelling under the eyes indicates the loss of flexibility of muscles as well. Numerous easy and traditional ways also help to counter the accumulation of fat or fluid under the eyes. Everybody can quickly follow these 11 easy and healthy ways. The use of chemicals may also cause any side effects, so these natural remedies are more effective and useful. Also, visit the best eye creams for dark circles.

Eye puffiness

1. Effectiveness of the Tea Bags

Teabags contain the antioxidants in them. Moreover, they help in enhancing the flow of the blood. It keeps the muscles of the eyes toned up. Also, it reduces the sagginess under the eyes. The procedure of applying them to eyes is effortless as well.


  • Take the two tea bags and soak them in water for 5 minutes.
  • Then also keep them in the fridge for the duration of the twenty minutes.
  • After that, cover your eyes with the tea bags.
  • Remove them after 15 minutes.

Tea bags

Tea bags

2. Drinking a Lot of Water

Dehydration also results in the accumulation of the fluid under the eyes. Moreover, excessive intake of the water keeps the flow of circulation good. It also shifts the excessive liquid from the site of swelling away.

Also, the lack of water enhances the concentration of the salt in the fluid. So, keeping yourself hydrated is a good option for countering the sagginess as well. Home remedies to remove skin tags are also very useful. Give them a shot if you want to get rid of these tags naturally.

Hydration keeps the muscles active

Keep water intake good

3. Regular Use of Sun Screen Reduces Eye Bags

Sunscreen helps to reduce the aging of the skin and its discoloration. Furthermore, the slowdown of the process of aging keeps the eye muscles active and healthy. Consequently, it also avoids the eye bags, and the existing puffiness also gets better.

The selection of at least SPF 30 and above is required for slowing down the aging of muscles. Sunscreen helps to overcome the harmful effects of sun rays as well. It helps in making the skin around the eyes tight. Also, do try these skin tightening masks that tone up the muscles of the whole face.

Sun screen for eye protection

Sun screen for eye bags

4. Manage Eye Bags with Two Pillows

The modification in your sleeping pattern is also helpful in countering the sagginess under the eyes. Moreover, one should use two pillows at night to keep his head elevated while sleeping. This position of sleeping does not let the fluid accumulate under the eyes. The use of the wedge cushion under the head is also a good option.

Furthermore, elevating their bed is an excellent alternative to using two pillows. Fresh eyes provide a glow to the whole face.

Elevated head with two pillows

Elevatd head posture

5. Increase the Intake of Collagen Rich Food

Increasing the uptake of collagen-rich food is also beneficial in stopping the puffiness. Furthermore, the presence of vitamin C in the food boosts the production of hyaluronic acid. This acid also helps in the production of collagen. Collagen keeps the muscles healthy and active as well. Foods that contain vitamin C in them are as follows.

  • Strawberry
  • Broccoli
  • Orange
  • Red peppers
  • Kale

Broccoli reduces eye bags

Strawberry reduces the eye bags

6. Increase the Consumption of Iron Food

The deficiency of iron in the body also reduces the oxygen supply to cells. The lack of iron is called anemia. In this condition, the amount of red blood cells decreases, and their oxygen-carrying capacity also slows down. Moreover, this results in dark circles and loss of muscle tone around the eyes as well. Intake of the iron-rich food also keeps the eyes muscles fresh and healthy. These are iron-rich foods.

  • Red meat
  • Seafood
  • Beans
  • Cereals, bread, and pasta

Beans reduce eye bags

Red meat reduces eye bags

7. Removing the Makeup Carefully

It is a healthy routine to clean the makeup from eyes at night. Furthermore, the presence of the kajal and mascara in the eyes may cause allergic reactions. Also, an infection may result, which causes the irritation and puffiness of the eyes. So, women should use makeup removers to remove makeup. Multani mitti benefits for skin are also numerous. It gives glow and freshness to the face.

Make up remover

Makeup remover wipes reduce eye bags

8. Using Right Tools to Reduce Eye Bags

The puffiness of the eyes takes place because of the accumulation of fluid. Furthermore, drainage of the lymphatic fluid is possible with the help of useful tools. Jade roller is also helpful in this regard. You have to keep it in the fridge before using it. After that, apply it in an upward direction. It will also reduce the puffiness under the eyes.

Moreover, Gua Sha stone is also useful in overcoming the puffiness. Take the stone and massage the lower part of your eye with it. The direction of the application should be upward and outward. Women can also do these therapies easily.

Face roller reduces eye bags

Tools for reducing eye bags

9. Reduce Eye Bags with Cold Compress

Applying cold to the areas around the eyes gives them relief. Furthermore, cooling constricts the blood vessels. It also makes the eyes look fresh and toned up. Moreover, use cucumber for providing the cooling effect to the areas around the eyes.

Also, you can use metal spoons for this purpose. Take the metal spoon and also keep them in the fridge for half an hour. After that, apply them under the eyes.

Cucumber treats eye puffiness

Chilled tea spoon reduces eye bags

10. Avoid the Salty Foods

One cause of the eye puffiness is the accumulation of the fluid under the eyes. Furthermore, salt enhances the retention of the liquid in the body. So, cutting down the intake of salty food is one way of getting rid of the eye bags. Highly processed food also increments the salt in the blood.

It is more appropriate to use the fruits and natural foods for balancing the salt in the fluid. Closure of the pores also provides tightening to the face. Home remedies for open pores give the shape to the eye muscles as well.

Reduction of salt intake reduces eye puffiness

Avoid the salty food

11. Do Exercise to Release the Stress Effectively

Stress results in the increase of cortisol levels in the blood. Excessive cortisol also causes the puffiness under the eyes. Exercise is the right way of managing stress, as well. Exercise also keeps one fit physically and even mentally.

The physical activity handles the stress of everyday life and, in return, keeps one fit. Yoga is also a good option for getting the mental relaxation as well. Consequently, it also gives shape and tone to the face and eye muscles.

Exercise reduces stress

Meditation reduces stress and eye bags

All of the above mentioned ways are natural methods for countering the sagginess under the eyes. These methods also include modifying your daily habits and developing healthy eating habits. Furthermore, the use of the right devices for getting rid of fluid accumulation under the eyes is also helpful. Women may adopt all of these effortless strategies for managing their puffiness as well.